Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Investments of Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

For an international investor or expatriate, the investment industry, funds and portfolios can be rather challenging.

This is because the double-edged task of deciding how to invest and where to invest can be quite complicated in today’s setting. Nevertheless, the key to success is to work through the verbiage and comprehend the difficulties of handling your money to attain your financial goals. For each client, whether high net-worth or a novice in investing, acquiring the appropriate counsel and investing your precious money in funds with the highest potential for results are the keys to success. A Premier Capital Group financial advisor can reduce the complex terminology into simple, understandable language.

Portfolio Management

Premier Capital Group provides portfolio management service to investors who may lack confidence of the particular assets they choose to invest in and has no desire to take an active part on selecting the ‘collectives’ for their portfolio. The Premier Capital Group Portfolio Service provides advice on building one or more portfolios, often containing different levels of ‘risk’ and various collective investments of varying quantities to produce the appropriate mix of funds.

Premier Capital Group Valuation Services

For majority of Premier Capital Group’s clients, keeping an eye on the performance of their investments is vital; and in order to address this need, Premier Capital Group has set up an effective valuation service system. And it is all for free! This service presents at one glance the performance of every investment. Through this service, clients can derive a full perspective of each asset and liability in the investment – including those not directly attached to financial investments – and the total worth of personal assets and investments. Premier Capital Group possesses unhindered ties with all investment firms; hence, the online values provided are up-to-date by the moment. This service likewise enables the assigned wealth counselor to manage and change funds as client desires.

General Savings

For most people, an emergency cash savings is a vital need, particularly for individuals based across the world. Such fund can be immediately accessed for contingent needs, such as a plane ticket back home, car repairs or even for a Christmas season budget.

Offshore Bonds

Life insurance firms offer investment bonds, also called ‘wrappers’, which pictures an empty container full of different collectives you want to keep in a single place. This kind of bond provides many benefits:
· All funds are managed within one place.
· The reduction of certain taxes – such as Capital Gains Tax, when you shift from collectives or even Inheritance Tax.
· The life company possesses a degree of purchasing power which enables it to buy funds at very low prices.