Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Investments of Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

For an international investor or expatriate, the investment industry, funds and portfolios can be rather challenging.

This is because the double-edged task of deciding how to invest and where to invest can be quite complicated in today’s setting. Nevertheless, the key to success is to work through the verbiage and comprehend the difficulties of handling your money to attain your financial goals. For each client, whether high net-worth or a novice in investing, acquiring the appropriate counsel and investing your precious money in funds with the highest potential for results are the keys to success. A Premier Capital Group financial advisor can reduce the complex terminology into simple, understandable language.

Portfolio Management

Premier Capital Group provides portfolio management service to investors who may lack confidence of the particular assets they choose to invest in and has no desire to take an active part on selecting the ‘collectives’ for their portfolio. The Premier Capital Group Portfolio Service provides advice on building one or more portfolios, often containing different levels of ‘risk’ and various collective investments of varying quantities to produce the appropriate mix of funds.

Premier Capital Group Valuation Services

For majority of Premier Capital Group’s clients, keeping an eye on the performance of their investments is vital; and in order to address this need, Premier Capital Group has set up an effective valuation service system. And it is all for free! This service presents at one glance the performance of every investment. Through this service, clients can derive a full perspective of each asset and liability in the investment – including those not directly attached to financial investments – and the total worth of personal assets and investments. Premier Capital Group possesses unhindered ties with all investment firms; hence, the online values provided are up-to-date by the moment. This service likewise enables the assigned wealth counselor to manage and change funds as client desires.

General Savings

For most people, an emergency cash savings is a vital need, particularly for individuals based across the world. Such fund can be immediately accessed for contingent needs, such as a plane ticket back home, car repairs or even for a Christmas season budget.

Offshore Bonds

Life insurance firms offer investment bonds, also called ‘wrappers’, which pictures an empty container full of different collectives you want to keep in a single place. This kind of bond provides many benefits:
· All funds are managed within one place.
· The reduction of certain taxes – such as Capital Gains Tax, when you shift from collectives or even Inheritance Tax.
· The life company possesses a degree of purchasing power which enables it to buy funds at very low prices.

Monday, 28 March 2005

Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan: Legal Disclaimer & Risk Disclosure


Important Note:

Premier Capital Group recommend that you go over the Product Summary, Technical Guides, Summary of Charges and all the publications related with all the services or products listed here.

Premier Capital Group also suggests that you discuss with a Financial Adviser whether the products or services contained in this site suit your needs and goals. In case you opt not to ask professional advice, assess whether the services or products will meet your requirements in terms of your goals, financial condition, needs and, if it applies, your risk-tolerance level.

The worth of investments and any gain produced may increase or decrease; hence, the investment is not guaranteed. Previous performance of an investment has no bearing on any future performance. Various funds will have unrelated or dissimilar degrees of risk involved.

Predicted gains are not guaranteed

Rates of exchange tend to change and may adversely influence the worth, price or return of the investments.

Premier Capital Group reminds investors to consider the added risks relating to investments in growing or emergent markets. Some specialized funds may undertake extensive deals in derivative products to address the investment requirements, thereby leading to greater fluctuation in the net value of the investment as well as a higher level of risk than that of traditional securities. Seek the advice of your Financial Adviser relating to particular Investment Assets.

There is need for investors to comprehend that investments in higher producing bonds, which borrowers issue at lower credit ratings, may lead to increased potential for default and lessen income potential as well as capital worth.

Income payments may include gain on capital in large or small amounts. Likewise, gain may result from postponing future capital increase.

Since investments naturally contain risks, Premier Capital Group highly recommends that you ask suitable legal, professional, financial or accounting counsel to evaluate if the investments or products you aim to buy satisfy you’re financial and risk-tolerance level.

The contents of this site are merely for information purposes and do not mean an offer by Premier Capital Group to engage in an agreement or contract nor to solicit the purchase or sale of any asset or to offer any kind of service mentioned here.

This site contains information from sources we consider being trustworthy and true when such information was provided; nevertheless, except to the extent demanded by any pertinent regulation or law, no warranty, guarantee or implicit/explicit representation is provided as to its completeness or correctness.

The directors, officers and employees of Premier Capital Group will not take any responsibility or bear any liability with respect to this site’s contents, whether information or any advice contained herein which, in addition, may change without prior notification.

In case you gained access to this website through another site’s link, Premier Capital Group or its staff will not take any responsibility or liability for the correctness of any information found in the websites which provide links to any page of our website.

Data Protection & Privacy Statement

Premier Capital Group upholds the right to confidentiality and privacy of our client with respect to their personal information.

For more inquiries with respects to our Data Protection Policy, kindly get in touch with our Administration Officer:


This website has the option to use cookies or other data software to obtain data regarding a visitor to the website. However, Premier Capital Group does not solicit enough data to identify any person nor will it utilize cookies or other data software to process personal information as required by data protection statutes. Date obtained will be confined to such information which is necessary to monitor the number of specific website visitors herein.

Premier Capital Group has exclusive rights to the information contained in his website. As such, no individual can replicate, copy or disseminate the whole set or any portion of the information herein without the explicit permission or authorization of Premier Capital Group.

Friday, 25 March 2005

Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan Advisory Board

Premier Capital Group has an Advisory Board made up of experienced investment professionals with diverse qualities and skills, who can pilot the firm toward consistent and progressive growth.

Our professionals have direct experience in Corporate Banking, Compliance, Legal, Asset Management and Credit Management, with the Advisory Board delivering an added vital layer and dynamic to the management group and guiding the investment plan to its fruition.

Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Investor Approach of Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

Investor Approach of Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

· Fact Find
· Rigorous Risk Assessment
· Risk Discussion
· Tailored Asset Allocation`

Fund Selection Review, Reporting and Rebalancing

The process of investing begins with establishing our customers’ needs, goals and expectations. Premier Capital Group evaluates our clients’ risk tolerance to enable us to design the suitable options to meet their objectives with as much precision as possible. Clients need to fully comprehend what their level of risk signifies and whether it genuinely satisfies their real attitude toward financial risk and possibilities of wealth loss. For any particular degree of risk involved, our portfolio-building process creates risk-sensitive asset distribution aimed at delivering optimum gains. Premier Capital Group can provide our clients access to numerous funds from the top fund managers in the industry and choice investment products to house those funds. We conduct regular assessment of the investment and performance phase and rebalance portfolios to address the changing needs as well as long-term clients’ expectations.

We offer three alternatives to managing clients’ funds which have been invested, namely:

Premier Capital Group Portfolio:

According to your own risk tolerance level, a generic pre-approved portfolio will be designed and managed on a passive-investment scheme.


According to your risk tolerance level, a personalized portfolio will be built from a pre-chosen list of assets and monitored on an ongoing dynamic basis.

Full Discretionary Outsourced:

According to your risk-tolerance level, a personalized portfolio will be built from each pertinent asset and monitored dynamically on a regular scheme. This is then outsourced to a highly recommended investment management firm or qualified portfolio manager.

Friday, 18 March 2005

Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan

Premier Capital Group is a private-owned company of independent financial counselors who offer transparent and effective business solutions to either private or corporate clients.

Our professional know-how in global wealth-building principles has allowed us to become a trusted and dependable top choice for many clients around the world. Our financial experts are highly capable and experienced in global standards, which guarantee our Clients obtain excellent counsel and assistance in all financial aspects.

Being an independent firm, Premier Capital Group does not answer to any investment or life company, bank or agency, which can negatively influence the strategies we provide. This adds great value for our clients as we provide genuine and balanced methods to build custom-fitted business solutions.

Our company aims to satisfy clients who primarily seek personalized service that suits their unique needs. And with our close partnership with many of the biggest global financial institutions, our strategies and corresponding due diligence can assure our clients of dependable excellent service.

Premier Capital Group is at the forefront of client-centered and innovative approach. Our financial consultants sustain a solid partnership with our clients while their financial strategy progresses and as they undergo changes in their life experiences. Using our client-friendly online services, our subscribers derive up-to-date and valuable information on pertinent developments that impact our clients’ well-being.

Our services are highly integrated into productive seminars, supported by a compact storehouse of financial products and fresh global market analyses to help keep our Clients aware of business trends influencing their wealth-building goals.

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Why Premier Capital Group Portfolio Mngt Tokyo, Japan is your top choice?

Our firm is not attached to any private or corporate life company, allowing us to provide products from a broad selection of providers over the whole market scene. This results in an ideal condition which allows our top-ranked advisers to evaluate every client’s goals and needs on a personal basis and to come up with a custom-built financial plan.

With our built-in corporate system delivering creative client solutions and financial planning software, our clients can get easy access to every asset and email updates and further strengthening their understanding of what is happening in the business world.

What Region Do You Operate In?

Premier Capital Group is a globally known entity with many years of consistent growth experienced from operating in the South-East Asia Region.

What We Can Show In Terms of Success

We pride ourselves of being capable of providing personalized services to our clients who demand and deserve excellent financial planning advice.